Brokerage Services


CPMNV | Brokerage ServicesCommercial Project Management’s success is built on taking a personal interest in the success of a client’s property and business needs. Our approach requires an in-depth interview process which helps us to get to know each property and fully understand the seller’s motivation and expectations.

Our complete brokerage services fit everyone’s needs.

Seller brokerage services include:
  • Assistance with and review of lease documents and business points
  • Provide applications for lease of prospective tenants and assist in the qualification process
  • Lease negotiations and analysis of offers to lease or sell
  • Pre-screen tenants/buyers to ensure financial qualifications
  • Tenant improvement design
  • Utilize updated marketing techniques
  • Provide printed property information
  • Provide and install Leasing/For Sale signs including contact information
  • Contact person available to answer all questions


Buyer brokerage has recently seen a significant increase in our area. Commercial Project Management has been building relationships and representing a fast-growing volume of buyers and has been able to help clients enter into agreements that meet their specific needs.

Buyer brokerage services include:
  • Perform a market analysis to identify potential properties based upon the buyer’s needs
  • Show listed properties
  • Pre-screen buyers to ensure financial qualifications
  • Negotiate price and terms on behalf of buyers
  • Prepare real estate contracts


Commercial Project Management will guide each tenant through the process of finding a lease that will best fit their business needs by using a Needs Analysis process.

Needs Analysis includes:
  • Business specifics – business type, size, number of employees, entity specifics, license requirements
  • Site requirements – location, space sizes, number of overhead doors, ceiling height, power supply requirements, internet connections, parking, storage
  • Budget – move-in costs, deposits, length of term, potential escalation adjustments